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Music (sound) has been a huge part of my life for my adult years; may be more; back to the womb, to the ancestors. Hearing is the sense that is best able to place me in the world; the perception best able to create reality.

There is sound then music built with sounds. We are able with our musical tools to conjure places and emotions out of thin air; places on earth, out of time, places unknown, places from other worlds entirely.

This importance and power of sound has lead me to have a broad and eclectic relationship with music including rock n roll, avant-garde, the great American song book, elctronica, dance, ethnic, orchestral, found sound and improvisation. It's easier to say what i don't like: most opera, prostitute pop, nostalgia.

On this website for your interest and enjoyment I've made available my best adventures with sound/music. Please, if you make money with any of these sounds its right that you share it with me.

High quality wav and multi-track cubase files are available for most; please apply for them here.

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