Food and Drink



Before you buy food ask yourself :
Where is it from ?
What's it made of ?
What's inside the pastry ?
Why is it so cheap ?
How old is it ?
Why was it made ?


Food technical

Any one of the 4 triangular relationships below will give you a balanced diet.


Enjoy your life, enjoy your food, make decision about your food live long.
Temperature of food is important
! - if its cold then your body uses energy to warm it . If food is hot your body will use energy to cool it . Think about this . If you eat cold in the winter then you invite pernicious forces and hot food in the summer strains the heart .
Not all raw food is good ! Allot of vegetables protect their vital goodness from other life in a barrier that can be broken down by cooking. If we did not cook some food then our body would use more energy digesting it than it would gain from it.

Some dietary problems can take years to manifest.

Vitamin B12 we store for four years without replenishment..

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