My god is energy and everything is energy.
My god has no morals but mysterious patterns.
You can find god by way of science.
I am God, so are you and so is that and so is this.
Choose the light or the dark and discover you are both.
Every thing is God's body.
Religion comes of our scruples and wisdom - a code.
My body is the first temple, its priest my mind.


This is ego
You are ego
Get up, go now and be


Sin is the sufferin of the ego.


Visions of other beings; the infant of Prague, headless horsemen, Wild dogs, Alien abductions, incubus - they are real.....

Fairies are mostly never seen where there are metal machines.

Hear what aliens were wearing in 50's Americamp3
Hear contact with alienmp3
Hear human transmitter of alien contactmp3
Hear about encounter with Alienmp3



There are hundreds of names for one god and one god has many forms.
No story about a god is complete.
I have seen in India a stick and a rock roughly painted orange and it is worshiped but the stick and the rock are not what is worshiped.
Like the convolutions of the mysterious brain the Gods of India map the human spirit in a way incredulous to western mind sets.
When I stare at the icons I sense a distillation of my mind, a movement into a comfortable poise, as though they are keys.



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