Places make a real difference – if the Sun is up it is day and in the fire you would burn. Places are important. Places have ghost that you can see in nuances of perception and thoughts. Places are big and small – your lovers lap or mountain range. All places are right here in front of your nose, its just that some places are smaller and you can't touch them.

Prehistoric people as bright and sensitive as we are today, were applied to a world on the edge of the weather, and rock, laying out patterns of the universe in the hills and vales. Here in Britain I have visited the leys and structures of this prehistoric land in quietness.

My Norfolk county of England

Where we live in west Norfolk England is a country farming sort of place. The land is made of sand, clay and flints in broad flat hills shaped by glaciers in the last ice age. Norfolk's building stone is predominantly flint with chalk lump and an iron red stone is used in the west called Carr stone. None of these stones are very big and it is very unusual to find any large stones. The only large stones we have found are what geologists call glacial erratics. All of the stones we have found like this are in places adjacent to ancient tracks mounds and chapels. An area in Norfolk called the Breckland is poor as far as farming is concerned but since the second world war huge plantations of Pine trees have happened and farmers practice a kind of hydroponics by spraying the sandy fields with fertilisers all through dry weather. Norfolk is also the driest county of Britain as the clouds of the gulf stream have rained out over the western counties before they get here. Being nearest Europe this county has had many a new king and influence from Denmark, Germany, Norway etc. The beautiful coast of Norfolk in places is eroded by the sea so recent years has seen the import of huge Norwegian rocks placed on the sand to protect the fragile coast from the willful sea.

My Mysterious Norfolk UK

Norfolk still shows signs of its feudal past with an ingrained conservatism and large country estates like Sandringham, Houghton, Felbrig and many more. These seats still have remarkable power. The village plaque as you come into my village is an iron casting proudly erected for the millennium and it shows an arrangement of iconic images - at the top in a blue sky is a crown, below is the manor house, then a ploughman in the field, then sheep and vegetables below.
Houghton hall who's estate contains ancient monuments has removed a large stone from the site of burial mounds. I contacted the estate manager who told me he was concerned about it being stolen, (it weighs something like half a ton). I contacted an archeologist at the University of East Anglia and she and her colleagues did not recognise glacial eratics as ancient sacred objects.

See some extracts of "Waning Powers" a cartoon by Neil Dean. This episode set somewhere in Norfolk.


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