Two ways to love
Half hearted Jon
Moral village
Death boll tell


How much faster can the farmer increase his crop flow,
I don't know,
I mean where will it end ?

I see a farmer who's wheat it never grows,
Because it ripens as soon as it is sown.

How much faster, quicker, can communications make us closer,
I mean where will it end ?

I see a road that has no length,
Because we went there before we even went.

How much clearer can this music be than digital,
I mean where will it end ?

I here music from no where it came,
Because it plugged right through into my brain.


Baste-Baste up your beast.
Belch up a laugh.
Drink from a billabong,
Learn as you squirm.
Don't ask me why.
For it I knew why.
I would be God.

Wind; wind up your wrists,
Lend us a hand.
Solve the solution.
Its just evolution,
Where the sun has come.
Don't ask me where,
For if I had been there,
I would be God.

Pick; pick at your teeth.
Claw at your gums.
Soak up your prunes.
Spill out the beans.
Speak out your ass.
Ask me to lie.
And I will oblige and die,
And be God.

MUD into FISH into MEN into MUD


The worms inside my mouth are now proving much more of a nuisance now their reproductive cycle has increased to a rate greater than that at which I can extract them, although I am able to enjoy a liquid diet during their gestation period now that the females have synchronized their ovulation. I was briefly elated when my inflamed intestine gave me less pain, but this has since proved a red herring, as solid waste matter was passing through a rupture into the cavity left by my defunct lung. I have been taking a drug which will remove this lung by way of passing it in my urine as a rather disconcerting honeycombed liquid, but this is of little worry when I think of the alternative surgical method with all its scarring. I have fitted a drain for the waste entering my chest so as to avoid complicating the infection in my heart by pass, which has met with some rejection from my body; drugs are helping me here too. I lost consciousness yesterday during the operation on my self to remove one of the largest of a cluster of tumors at the back of my neck I had over done the anaesthetic and I awoke in much blood; Very weak, I managed to stitch myself together using an array of mirrors. As soft as my bones are I have improvised and made some splints from the legs of the dialysis machine, this has made it possible for me to empty my catheter bag and clean the tube entering it which has become blocked with dissolute lung. I would like to see you soon but cataracts make this impossible; nor can I hear you among the pips, rushes and whistles of my tinnitus. Above all else I am alive and that's the main thing. LOVE TERRY


He looks at the window lit city,
Watching the lights go out.
He thinks to himself it's possible to change- but I doubt it.
Always hard to teach, was poor half hearted Jon.

He could never get fanatical about important things,
Instead he worshiped dead stars,
And took them out for flings.
Always hard to teach, was poor half hearted Jon.

Do you remember when he fell in lane?
No he never really understood.
People always told him he'd never he no good.
And life has lost all meaning now,
To poor half hearted Jon.

He'd like to take the center stage, but he hasn't got the nerve.
He'd love to take another turn,
But he thinks he's going to swerve.
Allways hard to teach, was poor half hearted Jon.


We went to the Baker and this is what he said:
"What they call flour is but white powder,
It'll never be seen in my bread till I'm dead".

We went to the Butcher and this is what he said:
'Life has pecking order, I can't help the slaughter,
If those below keep me fed".

We went to the grocer and this is what he said:
'it's a hairy green planet, our farmers shave it.
Tasty green whiskers on a plate, Yum Yum".


I can't see any reason to go on, the sea it pangs.
Every way I turn there's songs,
About choking, rape and disease in every quarter.
People doing what they ought to do, what they can,
Playing a role as I see it, in Mother Nature's plan.

Droves of fanatics for every concern, well they bum.
They're over the top, a bent cop,
Cop of corruption, policing destruction.
Independent, out of this world,
So they think, and they sink,
Or they swim, in a future that's grim.
Pumping iron., in the world as a gym.
Look slim. Walk tall, on the ball, in space.
Nothing within, look over the rim.
You wouldn't dare.
Look in the east, the answer's not there.
I cry to God "It's not fair For art thou where?"
So I take the plunge, in the world of chaos, the primordial grunge.
And the noise, some need their toys.
To sizzle and tickle inside them where there's nothing.
Just an amoral vacuum.
To be filled by the abortions of rulers.
Some say they're thinkers, I say they're stinkers.
In a wind in a storm, riding a wave to doom.
For wisdom I look to the moon.
An eye on creation and what to do.
As I said before jump in the goo,
There's so much to do, lie be true.
Just blow the roof on the shit. just sit.
Enjoy the ride lay down, give up.
There's nothing to learn except how to earn, what's right.
Today's the day, to be gay. It's an issue or a scandal.
Throw it all at us, whatever it is, we can handle.
Whatever you throw, even if the trees don't grow.
But what then? We'll choke to death, but what then?
Beetles feeding, feeding on the bodies of the starving powerful.
We saw them on television; "The drug of a nation".
Cover up the situation. 'Cause it's hell. I hear the death toll bell.
Between the sheets, of monsters and creeps. The grim reaps, leaving perceptions in heaps.
Sharpened by the lives and lips of the politicians, poems and songs.
None of them know what's going on,
Except the best, know how to rest,
Beneath the clouds of crisis.
Sleep, sleep with a gun.
Sing, sing as you run.
It's called survival.
There's nothing new under the sun.


I may as will be a wog-hating basher, Kicking lesies in the crutch.
I might as well rape tiny children, And scrawl on the wall FUCK.
There is no one there to guide me, or any one.
Ask someone a reason, they get back to where they begun.

I may as well drive my car over pussy cats,
Into Rabbit's eyes squeeze soap.
I may as well turn my jungle into burgers,
Fill my life with gold.
There is no one there to guide me, or any one.
Ask someone a reason, they get back to square one.

I need someone to hold me, not just to pick me up.
I need someone to lift me, not just say that I'm nice.
I need someone to know me, not just to say that they care.
I'm a babe fresh out the wood,
In a cold place I've never understood.


Stranger than any painting by Dali,
Bluer than any sky's ever blue.
Deeper than any thought or emotion,
I am in love with you.

When I'm feeling low, you make me lower
When the skies are gray you bring on the night

Greener than any field in spring time,
Braver than any hero who lived.
Hotter than if I stood inside the sunshine,
I am in love with you.

When I feel the strane you bring on the tension
When I'm feeling small you strip me naked.

Greater than any God that I've heard of,
Purer than any fresh fallen snow.
Truer than any fact that you've sure of.
I am in love with you.

When I'm full of fear you bring me demons
When I cannot see, you turn out the light

All's fair in love and war.
F-F-Fuck off get out the door.
But when you're gone, all day long, I need you mere.
To settle the score.
Pull out your gun. what's going on?
One thing is for sure
I am in love with you.