Words from Living Daylight

Taboo is kinky too

Kiss my doody,
kiss it where you like.
Shout and holler,
Put me in a collar.
Tongue the pink,
touch my gender bender.
Spank the bottom
taboo is kinky too.

From the album livingDaylight by Broggz

storm PAN I C

The coast is dissolving around you please evacuate immediately.
Don't forget to pick up your polling cards and your insurance hat. An insurance hat is very important when you visit the bank, because at the bank you will meet nice people who will be more powerful than you are. Please ask them for a bit of there power, they will give it to you unwillingly. This is called power.

The coast is dissolving around you. It is the fashion of the mother Earth. You may have heard of the mother Earth; because broadcasts of strong winds and gales are coming into your living room. Please phone any relatives immediately and tell them you are fine. Do not take any coffee on your Journey as this will be a burden to your language, because where you are going, away from the coast, coffee is not drunk. Do not take any tea on your Journey as this will warm your body and increase your chances of survival.

The coast is dissolving around you immediately. Leave, and phone you are fine. O.K. don't forget to take your polling cards and your pictures of the prime minister; as these will prove to be valuable things on your Journey in land. Do not forget your galvanized nails for nailing up the picture of the president.

The coast is dissolving around you immediately. Leave and say you are fine. Strong winds and gales are broadcast for most of the country, and are broadcast monthly. The input into to your national bank number has been abandoned. Your chances of survival over the next twenty minutes are minimal.

The coast is dissolving around you immediately. Don't forget to phone home and say that you are fine. Strong winds and gales are broadcast frequently. The forecast radio station is brought to you on behalf of your guitar. It is a rhythm created out of strings and pictures made out of paper. Papyrus does not grow on trees and nor does money. It grows in your mind. Never forget your mind is capable of many things exceeding possibilities. Never forget this and please phone home and say that you are fine. Please take a clock with you on your Journey as this will prove useful in money terms; because where you are going, if you have time, then you have money. Don't forget to take your galvanized, nails made by the carpenter. Now you may be wondering why a carpenter is making galvanizes nails; well, it is quite simple; he needs them to nail bits of wood together to make roofs for your houses that keep the gales out. Please make sure all your curtains are open in the house. Please make sure all the scissors are closed and carefully protect your eldest child. Your chances of survival over the next ten minutes is minimal so please don't take any tea on your Journey as this will be a waste of time. This broadcast is being brought to you by a guitar, a drum machine and a bass guitar being bowed. It has an accompanying keyboard, as well as a rhythm keyboard. These are all played with some kind of harmony and spontaneity.

Please abandon the coast immediately. Strong winds and unusually high tides are forecast within living memory. Instant coffee is not the thing for your health. Health should be taken lightly as this is a short inconvenience on our pathway to heaven. You may not presume there is a heaven, I may not presume.

Please abandon the coast immediately. Please phone home and say you are fine. If you are not fine, please say you are fine, because your chances of survival over the last five minutes were minimal. This broadcast is of some interesting coffee. Please don' t be interested by this broadcast because it is the last broadcast you will ever hear. It is brought to you by a guitar, a rhythm keyboard, an accompanying keyboard and a bowed bass. They are all generating sounds by strumming, and hitting. The keyboards have little switches in them, that make oscillators ring. The friction of horse hair across the strings of the electric bass guitar; causes an oscillation. There is grip, there is loss of grip, there is grip, there is loss of grip; and this cycle of things happens at least fifty times a second and more.

Please abandon the coast immediately; because your chances within the next five million years of survival; are minimal. You may be asking where do you come from, I may be asking where you come from. And this is true, this is why I wear boots. Boots are the most comfortable foot wear when you are walking from the coast away from the unusually high tides within living memory. Boots are for walking; walking over you. They are for walking over your partner, and they are for walking over other peoples land. It belongs to them because this is a concept in your mind, never forget your mind is capable of things beyond possibilities, beyond capabilities. Never forget this on your Journey from the coast, away from the unusually high tides, strong winds and gales within living memory. Channel Light Vessel Automatic; sees strong winds in the distance. I see; ice caps melting. Because we have been dumping Uranium nitrates in the sea far to long for the algae to adapt, and it's began to eat the ice. Do you know there is a hole in the middle of the magnetic pole? It is a hollow pole made out of aluminum, being the most common metal on Earth. This will prove useful to you on your Journey from the coast because aluminum; is metal.


Milk chocolate clothes and wrist watches you cannot see,
Melt down the naked tones of a beauty in slo'mo'.
A manicured mannequin applies painted fingers to push button profiles,
And the clean machine draws to the open arms of a palace.
Elixir spills from crystal kissed with lips more sexy than desire.
And to feel the cool of the icicle; Is to be what you are meant to be.
A setting Sun lights a land with glow,
And in a shadow glints a home.
And to feel the polished granite on your cheek,
Is to know this fantasy.


Kill Prime Minister you know who, Kill or be killed.
A Nazi or ten thousand Jews, Which would you choose?
If I was a Jew; I'd know what to do.

The world sits on the back of an Elephant.
On a mouse; on a knife;
that wriggled and tiggled inside an old lady,
who didn't care two hoots,
For gold stars and their ticks;
For she was an End of the World fanatic,
And I believed her; 'cause she said:
" You are a child of fossil fuel,
Your foremothers fucked Irish navies for you.
A billion sea creatures lived for you.
A million trees, A million years,
And coal was coming out of Lancashire's ears
And we all choked; on the carbonated breeze.

Born in the U. S. A.

Born in the U. S. A.
I wish I was born in the U. S. A.
'Cause when I get rich there is less TAX to pay

Wanna live in the land of Liberty.
Even if I kill a "Commy".
Freedom of Information.
Spend my life finding who killed Jon Lenin.
Wanna call a cupboard a closet,
Drink water from a water faucet,
When I walk, It's a Side Walk,
Chew gum all day and leave the "U" out of colour.
Walk tall like the Empire state.
Talk big like the Grand canyon
Crawl like a "red indian."
Carve my face in the side of a mountain.
Wanna be with S. T. A. R. W. A. R. S. people.
Take a bite from the Big apple.
Take cocaine in Holly wood.
Feel cool with Coke. in the hone of Hype.
Wanna be a UK envy,
So when I sing people see money..
Get Funked right to my blues,
Swing in Hiphop city.
Shoot out in a Country & Western.
Hillbilly Skateboard down Route 66.
But I was born in the UK
And on the wall Is New York graffiti,
In my mind Is an evil. Walt Disney.
Am I talking English in the fifty first state.
Will Batman save us from the Ghettos?
Will Superman save us from Uncle Sam?
Will Mickey mouse abuse our children?

Babel on

I never knew London was so cold this side of the bay, and the seagulls overhead agreed with me like they had never agreed before. Education as minimal and my days were numbered, etched into the foreheads of my colleagues. It as way past my bedtime but insomnia saved me from the malevolent force which would wake me each morning. "lt's time to wake up!" said Jones, (the worst of the prefects) who with his staunch stance could lay flat at least twenty Ali khans. This idea would send a shiver down the valley to the servants quarters, where Moira and the butler were laughing hysterically at Mark's crude Jokes. I finally got to sleep thinking of all those bin liners filled with Daisies. This thought without question lead me to knod. I awoke in the morning and no word of a lie I was Shakespeare; but he was dead; I had to get help. Rd I ran across the mead, careful to hold my breath as I ran past Nanny's; the smell of death was there and the hill that lead to the gas station proved effortless now I as frightened. I drove into town with my head held high and my knees in plaster; this was the only way the towns folk would accept me. The benefits here were obvious: fences, somewhere to walk, and my best friend a rat. It would be months before the results came back, which would give me time to chew over a few scraps in the medical room. "Too right!" said Carol who had dragged herself away from the madding crowd with tears in her eyes. "What's wrong, what's wrong!" I said, but she wasn't interested. Girls are on her mind and she was on mine. Silence broke the tension, but it was hopeless; there's washing to do and deeds to be tended. Soon I would be back with my family, and promotion seemed likely now Alex had changed his tune. I still think of her now, with me between her obliging breasts and her Joy at the silvery necklace I gave her made of lust.

By the waters edge

Morris is at pitch pipe tuning,
Chanting singing till the mining comes; till the never end.
Searching, through sea shells, at sea sides.
Careful not to risk his own hide,
Down, by the waters edge.

Antelopes don't make good comets,
You can't call a bee a hornet till - a screw is loose.
Moving, with such stealth, and cunning,
As to keep the bad boys running, to;
Be ever safe.


It's dead. When something is dead, it most reasonable to wish, that it was alive. This is a common desire among humans. I am human and what I say is prejudiced beyond belief. My mind has been distorted by my experience of Earth and by being a human. I cannot in fact study my formulas or my theories; because I am human. I cannot be truly objective to my work, because I am human. This is the only way I can communicate to you; by using my voice. Now of course that is a theory; a theory not, proven; because it is my theory. And I cannot possibly study my theories, because they are my theories and they are in my conception. The painfully terrifying fact of what I am saying; is that although we look at the same thing, we are two infinitely different beings. But then of course that is a theory, and it is my theory that I cannot be objective to, because it is my theory. What is the theory for the American accent? There is no theory, it is just more comfortable to do it that way.

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