BRIAN FIELD has been making music since 1980. Influenced by punk, early electronica, emerging ambient, new romantic, prog rock, jazz, avante garde, funk, ethnic, classical and just about anything that vibrated air. He went on to form various bands and create a record label producing and engineering many albums of music.
NIGEL WARDLE is a published author. Though often tackling serious themes, his work is always humorous and reflects a lifelong belief in the magic that exists beneath the surface of everyday life.

Sag the mu

Sagittarian the musical (SAG THE MU) originated from Nigel Wardle (Nig) in the year ending 2008 as a bunch of satiriacal songs about his ego. It so happened that at this time Brian Field (fieldofsky) had been creating some serious music suitable for film or theatre. Brian could see Nigel's songs had a broader meaning about ego, psyche, and consciousness and so began the creativity that is SAG THE MU.

Field & Wardle

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