A timely piece of theatre away from all that social realism of the late 20th century.

Somewhere in Europe, hundreds of years ago a messenger (the Sag) appears among an oppressed feudal people. The people fearfully, cynically, cautiously desperately choose the Sag to lead them to a better place. They venture away from all they have known and into the wilderness where the Sag dreams they are to leave on a sky ship to paradise. The ship to take them arrives but the people fear to board. The sag urges them to board and believing he has convinced them enters the door of the ship in blind elation. The people are still hesitant and the door closes, so the ship and the Sag leave to the heavens without them.

In act two we find the Sag on a beach sometime in the early 21st century. He has amnesia and is recalling his abduction by aliens. He doesn't remember any details but feels connected to a life there on the beach. He meets two girls who have seen him around - they point him toward a beach bar where he realises he once frequented. He is known there to all the other regulars. The regulars believe the Sag to have been away for a while and they soon realise (including the Sag ) that the person they knew is not this person they find back among them. The Sag is touched and transformed by his abduction and as he meets and recalls his former friends he wisely/magically prepares them to board the mothership bound once again for paradise.



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